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We deliver on more challenging projects that deliver incredible results for our clients.

Focus on your core business and let us shoulder your technology needs. We help you grow your business faster and slash your costs by automating your repetitive tasks and deriving value from your existing data. We provide telecommunications and networking solutions to enable integrated business services.


SMS Solutions

2-way SMS reminders and alerts. Bulk 1-way SMS messages. Engage widest possible portion of your target population using SMS messages. With more phones than people, reach as many people as possible. SMS gives you the most direct.way to reach your audience

Key Benefits:

  • Personalized messages
  • Messages sent on schedule
  • 2-way messages that have a personal touch
  • Messages saved for future reference
  • Use of templates for easy message customization
  • Easy plugin of contacts and details using Excel file
  •  Ability to use for various interventions
  • Regular data backups
  • Management reports for better decision making

Fleet Management Solution

Software solution for managing your fleet. Maximize utilization of your fleet by allowing passengers heading one direction to share vehicles. Automated maintenance reports so that vehicles which spend more time in garage more than on the road are replaced.

Key Benefits:

  • Vehicle location monitoring
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Vehicle depreciation management
  • Analysis of repair frequency
  • Driver management
  • Improper driving habits alerts
  • Sudden fuel drop alerts by SMS
  • Various management reports
  • Cost & time saving by enabling car pooling
  • Easy installation of sensors
  • Quick and easy customization

Electronic Voting Solution

Make your voting process secure, easy, verifiable and smooth. Our solution will ensure your voters have a great user experience that will ensure a smooth voting process. Solution is secured to ensure will of the voters prevails and the system can be audited in case there is need to do so.

Key Benefits:

  • System security to ensure each vote counts
  • Robust support for thousands of voters voting concurrently
  • Configurable to suit organisation’s elective seats and rules
  • Easy to use without training
  • Verifiable and audit-able results
  • Web and mobile access
  • Timed opening and closing of voting
  • Results available immediately on close of voting


Custom Software Development

We deliver mobile (Android, IOS), web or desktop software solutions to meet your business requirements . Talk to us, let us help you get ahead of the competition.

Networking & Telecommunications

We provide networking and telecommunications services for your business success. Structured cabling, WiFi, WiMAX, WiLAN, LAN, MPLS and VoIP. Inquire for any of these services from us today.

Cloud Computing

IT equipment is expensive to buy and maintain yet it becomes obsolete after a few years. Have you considered taking your business to the cloud? Save money and improve the uptime of your systems. Leverage the cloud today. We can help you.

IT Strategy & Consultancy

What is your IT vision? What direction do you want your organisation’s IT to take? Do you have an IT roadmap? Don’t worry, we help you craft an IT vision and strategy that will ensure you achieve unmatched business results.

How We Can Help…

Our team has expertise in diverse IT areas.


For new problems that may seem difficult to solve, our experienced team will take on the challenge and work with you to ensure you get the best possible solution.

  • Networking and telecommunications
  • Email and file systems
  • Database development & maintenance
  • Website design and management
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Networking
  • Training
  • IT strategy & consultancy

Our Clients

Better IT Strategy

We help you craft a better strategy for your organisation’s IT. Having an IT vision to work towards will deliver better results.

Business Success

Leverage information contained in data you already have to achieve growth and profitability.